Going on vacation?

Overnight pet sitting

Evening to morning pet sitting for your pets–tons of pets, and someone there just in case anything goes wrong. From $60/night.

overnight house sitting


Your service doesn’t just entail me sleeping over. Overnight pet sitting also includes home care, exercise, pet care and TLC, and a clean home and pet.


Home Care

I’ll make sure your plants are watered, doors are locked, and that garbage and recycling bins are taken out when needed, along with any other care your home needs while you’re away.



All visits include dog walks, kitty playtime, and/or out of cage time for exotics. Aside from that, your pet will get as much play as they want while I’m there.


Pet care

I’ll administer medication, pick up waste (or clean litter box/enclosure), feed, brush, or provide any other routine care needed.


Clean home, clean pet

You’ll come home to a clean home, pet, and yard. Your service includes a yard cleaning, brush, and optional pet bath.

Additional Fees

Additional Dog - 5

I charge $5 for each additional dog for all services.

Additional Cat/Small Animal - 3

I charge $3 for each additional cat or small animal.

Puppy Fee - 5

I charge an extra $5 for dogs under one year to accommodate the extra work and cleaning involved.

Holiday Fee - 10

I charge $10 for visits on holidays, including: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Key Pick Up/Drop Off - 5

I charge $5 to pick up or drop off the key separately from the meet and greet or end of the visit.

Miles Surcharge - 58 c/mile

I drive to clients within 10 miles of Happy Valley for free. If you live farther, I charge an extra 58 cents per mile both ways.

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