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Pet Sitters

While there are many options for caring for your pet while you’re away, I feel pet sitting is the best option for most people. Your pet gets to stay in familiar surroundings, keep a similar routine, and have someone focused on only them 100% of the time. Compared to boarding, the experience is more personal.

For cats, who don’t always handle change well, it’s a perfect fit. Whether you want me to keep them company all day or just stop by to give them some TLC, it allows them to feel confident in their surroundings.

Additionally, house sitting offers the benefit of making your home look lived-in, mail and packages being brought in, and other household tasks getting cared for while you’re away.

I’m truly passionate about animals, and about making your pal as happy and comfortable as possible. I want the best for your pet, even if that isn’t me. That’s why I always meet with you and your pet (free of charge) before agreeing to sit for you–to make sure your pal likes me!

I’m insured, licensed, and trained in pet first aid and CPR, with real experience with special needs pets from dogs to hamsters.

I meet your pet where they are. In most cases, I work with special needs pets at little to no additional cost. I know pet care often isn’t always puppy cuddle time. I’ve worked with pets who need daily sanitary cleaning due to bowel issues, incontinent pets, and pets needing medication. I’m prepared to help with not only the fun parts of caring for your pets, but the nitty-gritty, too.

As for our relationship, I make sure to keep you posted. I send at least one update per day with tons of photos so you always know what we’re up to. I’m always available for questions or special requests, and I’m always happy to take pet videos when you’re missing your pal.

Your satisfaction is very important to me, which is why I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not satisfied? Just let me know for a full refund.

Basically, I’m here for all of your pets needs. Whether your pal needs cuddles, pets, and a movie buddy or someone to clean up accidents, change their doggie diaper, or sit with them through separation anxiety–I’m here for them.

I’m open to any pet, and prepared to do research beforehand to prepare! I have experience with dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents (rats, hamsters, etc.), reptiles and birds.

I do! Depending on the intensity of your pets condition, I’m happy to work with them. As always, I’ll schedule a free meet and greet with you to ensure it’s a good fit.

I’m experienced administering medications and with senior pets.

Service Questions

The best way to get started is to fill out our meet and greet form so we can get to know each other.

If the meet and greet goes well, we can move onto Scout–allowing you to request appointments and receive updates easily. Scout is not required to work with us.

If you have trouble with form, feel free to email us or just give us a call anytime!

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all services. Unhappy with your service? Give me a call for a refund!

I will, of course, ask questions about what made you unhappy so we can prevent issues in the future, and you’re always welcome to come back, even if you’ve asked for a refund. If our service isn’t up to par, you shouldn’t be charged for it.

I’ll discuss this in detail with you at our meet and greet, as it varies widely between pets. Generally, I’ll need information about your pets daily routine, medical issues/allergies, their vet, and an emergency contact.

I also will need a key or code to enter your home (I prefer key, but am willing to work with codes so long as you accept the risk that I will be unable to enter in a power outage).

I recommend contacting me as soon as you’re aware you’ll need pet sitting to ensure availability. However, if you’re in need of short-notice pet sitting feel free to contact me as I may be able to accommodate you.

Please ensure that there is enough food, cat litter, and treats to last the visit. If you’re running low and don’t have time to buy more, please leave cash so I can buy supplies.

If your cat requires medication, ensure there is enough of it. For medications that need to be measured every time, please have a syringe or other instrument available with the amount clearly marked.

I appreciate cleaning supplies in case of any accidents.

Because of the driving time, I prefer you schedule one visit per day. However, in some situations I’m willing to do up to two visits per day.

I will collect a key during our meet and greet. When I leave, I will either hide the key on your property, lock it inside (if possible), put it in a lockbox (if available) or, for an extra fee, I can visit again after the visit to drop the key off.

Yes, though an extra fee applies because of the demand.


All my rates and fees are listed on my services pageand if you have any questions or would like an estimate feel free to contact me!

I require payment before the date of the service. I can accept major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, as well as cash and check. I use Time to Pet to manage billing.

Full refund is granted if you cancel by noon one week before the service.

50% refunded if you cancel after noon one week before the service.

No exceptions.


In the unfortunate case of a pet emergency, I will make every effort to contact you or your emergency contact immediately. In the case that I can’t reach either, I will use my best judgement or seek the advice of a vet when possible. I will take your pet to a vet or provide other recommended care.

You can rest easy knowing I’m certified in pet first aid and CPR should anything happen.

I’m happy to follow an emergency protocol if you leave one for me.

If I need to take your pet to the vet, I will record the visit and stay in contact with you at all times.

Yes! I’m insured through Pet Sitters Associates, and I’m licensed for business in the state of Washington and in Bellingham.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are emergencies outside of our control. In inclement weather or in a natural disaster, I will make every effort to reach your pet and evacuate them, care for them or just ensure they are okay after an incident (such as an earthquake). However, I can make no guarantees about their care in such an emergency.

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