Zero Waste Cats

As many of my followers know, I live a zero-waste lifestyle as much as possible. I also am a huge animal lover, having 5 pets in a two-person studio apartment.…

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Zero Waste Hamsters

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Although I am a huge animal lover, I do my best to reduce my pets’ waste as well. However, before I get into this I want to emphasize that you…

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Eco-Friendly Dog Poop Disposal

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How do you dispose of dog poop in an eco-friendly fashion? Is there an eco-friendly alternative to doggie bags? These are questions that plague the zero waste pet community, and…

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Fun Things To Do with Your Hamster

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Some people think of hamsters as rather boring pets. However, when properly cared for and given plenty of enrichment they’re extremely amusing to watch. But that’s not all you can…

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Minimalist Cats

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The Google search “Can minimalists have pets?” boasts a whopping 170,000+ results as of writing this. As a minimalist with now nine pets, I was shocked that some people believe…

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