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About Emily Rusnak

Lifelong Animal Lover and Aspiring Vet Tech

I’ve had a love of animals my entire life.
As a kid, I wanted to be a vet, and I was the kid begging my parents to get a puppy, hamster, or fish–in spite of my animal allergies. My first pet was a fish named Flipper. After that, I had my first hamster–Cutie. My wish for a puppy came true, and my childhood dog Abney came into my life.
Pet Sitter in Bellingham, WA of Bham Pet Sitting, Emily Rusnak
Pet Sitter's Hamster, Mar

My love for animals never went away, but I rediscovered my passion for animals after I got a hamster. Mar was a birthday gift that sparked my love of hamsters–I’ve been keeping them ever since. I researched hamster care to provide the best life I could for my hamsters. I crafted my own food mix to combat the unhealthy foods available in pet stores, built a custom cage, and more. I wanted my hamsters to have the best lives possible.

I participated in Running Start, attending Skagit Valley College until 2018. I then attended Western Washington University, before leaving to pursue my passion. I transferred to Penn Foster University’s Vet Tech program.
I’m fascinated with animal behavior. I always strive to learn more about my animal companions. I’m always reading books, attending webinars, and learning more about animals.
During this time, I moved to Bellingham, Washington to be closer to Western. There, I met and fell in love with my cat, Dean.
Black cat looking at camera in the snow
Cat Sitter Emily's kitty, Dean
I adopted Dean from the Whatcom Humane Society in 2018. My first “major” pet of my own, I did everything I could for him. He weighed 18 pounds when we got him, and I was determined to get him down to his goal weight of 11 pounds. He was able to reach his goal in a year–with tons of exercise and diet management. After extensive work on his anxiety, he’s turned into the lovable kitty he always had inside.
He’s a very spoiled boy, with his own catio, unlimited pets, and an apartment arranged for his comfort. He’s since gained a brother named Fox. Now, if asked if I’m a cat or dog person, I have to say I love puppies and kitties equally. I can’t imagine my life without either of them.
After adopting Dean, I wanted to give back to the Humane Society. Whenever I have free time, I volunteer with the small animals to apply my expertise.
Since then, we’ve welcomed many fish, hamsters, and parakeets into our lives. We currently have two cats, fish, hamsters, and parakeets in a tiny apartment with two people. My passion for the care of all animals, large and small, has never dwindled, and I continue to rescue animals.
I started my pet care business in 2019, and I’ve loved it ever since.
Dog Walker Emily with Puppy Abney

I can promise to be as passionate about the care of your pets as I am about mine, and I’ll love your pet as you do. I love walking dogs, sitting for cats, and everything else my job entails. Whether I’m picking up an accident or giving belly rubs, I’m happy to work for your pets. I’m trained in animal first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross, insured, and licensed.

Meet my pets

We’ve got quite a little zoo! We have an aquarium, birds, a cat, and two hamsters all in a tiny apartment.

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